Wordonyx Cards

WORDONYX® is a deck of 36 fun playing cards.  Each card contains 3-5 jumbled letters. Each letter has a defined number value used for scoring
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Boost Your Child's Vocabs & IQ

Wordonyx Playing Cards is designed to develop every child's vocabulary and Intelligent Quotient (IQ)

Why People Love Wordonyx Cards

Wordonyx is vocabulary building playing cards is an anagram-based game designed to accelerate player’s learning speed and reading skills in school. Every packet of wordonyx contains 36 fun cards that help children learn while they play.

Expand Players Vocabulary
Wordonyx game is built on Anagram which helps children to expand their vocabulary. This in turn enhances their reading skills.

Increases Players IQ
The time constraint built in the game forces players to think faster that they normally would. This guarantees IQ development.

Enhances Their Spelling Skills
Wordonyx game is complementary to Spelling Bee and Scrabble. It teaches players the right spellings for words.


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