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Word Onyx Spelling Cards

Built on the principle of anagram, to enhance spelling skills, reading, and build IQ.

Improve Reading
What Parents And Educators Are Saying

To Build Vocabulary

“Children who play Word Onyx Cards are by far more progressive in their ability to read and write, better than their peers”. Proprietor: Allegretto International School, Port Harcourt.

Build Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

“I was worried about how my children used to play lousily until I bought them Word Onyx. They still play of course, but more sensibly.  Founder: Armac Design Fashion School. 

Fun And Entertainment

“My family was looking for a new way to add fun to our 8 years anniversary. Just then I found   Word Onyx Cards. We couldn’t resist the  game. Teacher at Ivories Premier School. 

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