In the year 2002, Papa died of Type 2 Diabetes. He was just 60years Old when he was diagnosed of it. After so much struggle, four years later he died leaving Mama, brother and I in this wicked world. Mama was never the same after that. Her eyes were distant and her skin was pale. She was always lost in thought, it was like she was going senile. There were hardly any laughs at home anymore. Papa’s business died along with him, there was scarcely anything left of it. I was no longer that Fourteen year old child I used to be. I looked and behaved a bit older not because I wanted to but because of the situation of things. I thought that Death was wicked when it took Papa but I realized it was evil when it decided to take Mama. Mama died in her sleep two years later and she left brother and I. I wanted to die as well. I prayed for Death to come and take me as it did my parents. I had no purpose in life and I had no Joy. Brother was never around to take care of me. He only came hone during weekends with his friends; friends I would rather call his enemies. Brother became alcoholic and a drug addict. He once forced me to smoke what he smoked but I ran away from the house. I wished brother would stop living that life because I had heard stories of how such people end up. I begged him one Sunday to quit drinking and smoking but I received the biggest slap ever instead. Two weeks later I heard some boys were shot after entering and open fire with the police who surrounded where they had an ‘operation’. I feared brother would be among them but I didn’t need to fear for long as it was confirmed that he was. Brother died but this time he embraced Death.

Its year 2011 already, how time flies. I’m now studying Medicine in the University and I am never going to allow anyone die of Diabetes ever again.

written by Rufus Sopuruchi

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