Meet you in valhalla

I’ll meet you in valhalla when the battle is done
Eyes swim as your soul fades one by one
My rugged brave brother, hold my hand
O warrior, on death’s cathedral shall you stand
On the grand banquet hall of Odin
Your impulse fills anew, valhalla of immortal origin
Heavenly world of Asgard, away from pain
Take your place among the Einherjars on a golden plain
We are men of iron and steel, flesh and blood
Roaming the world like a raging flood
In tears, I saw your misty soul fly away
The unkind hands of Valkyrie came your way
Hear my voice as I scream your glory
I shall hold your memory, I shall tell you story
I must keep sailing from pillar to post
It’s not yet my time to dance with ghosts
I must remain, Valhalla is but a dream
My cup of vengeance flows off the brim
I shall meet you in Valhalla when the war is won
For now I still battle under the burning sun
For now I remain here beneath the skies
Awaiting the Valkyries, only then that my soul shall rise
It is only then we shall reunite
The great Hall of Valhalla I shall one day sight

written by Chinweike David Okwu

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