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Animal Quiz For Kids Part 1 Free Wordonyx Play Now
Animal Quiz For Kids Part 1 Free Wordonyx Play Now
Riddles for Kids Part 2 Free Wordonyx Play Now
Riddles for Kids Part 2 Free Wordonyx Play Now
Correct English Expression Quiz Part 1 Free Wordonyx Play Now


Wordonyx Online Club is a system of learning that rewards members for playing quizzes, performing tasks, and engaging in online competitions. There are many clubs open for children and adults who are organised by Club Managers.

Develop Yourself as a Child

Child development specialists have identified after-school clubs as a very powerful tool to build a child’s moral, social, emotional skills.

Achieve Academic Success

Our Quizzes and Tasks challenge club members to apply what they learn in school, in the job, and in real-life environment.

Financial Benefit

Each Club in our platform has been designed to reward members for their good performance, in the form of cash and gifts.

How to Start Benefiting

  1. Choose a Club that interests You
  2. Play the Quizzes and Tasks in the Club
  3. Earn Rewards
  4. Participate in Club Competitions
  5. Win Fabulous Prizes

Some Quizzes and Tasks, and Contents in text, video, and audio formats are free to access. But to access our premium content, you’ll need to pay for them either on a Subscription bases or on a Pay-as-You-Go basis. How much you will pay for each quiz or task is determined by the club owner.

There are two ways to pay for Quizzes and Tasks depending on the kind of Club you joined. In an Open Club, you will need to pay for every Quiz, Task, or Content you access using Onyx Coins. You can purchase Onyx Coins from Club Managers.

In the Closed Club, you do not need to pay for all the Quizzes, Tasks, and Contents you access separately, as your initial Club Subscription fee has covered for all the contents you will enjoy.

When you click on the link: Top Up your wallet , you’ll be directed on WhatsApp by a Wordonyx Admin. The whole process is fast and easy.

The primary way You earn points is when you participate in quizzes, and perform a task during a competition. You can earn FREE coins by Registering, Visiting the account daily, accessing text, image, video contents, clicking sponsored links, or playing videos.

Yes. You earn 10 Onyx Points for Purchasing Wordonyx Playing Cards. Other products will be unravelled soon.

Premium quizzes, tasks, and contents are contents you pay for. You may pay some coins to play some quizzes. Or, you may pay a subscription fee for a closed club and then access all the content published by the club.

First you learn new things and this will gradually turn you into a Genius. Also, you win a lot of gifts and prizes in cash and in products. You are also recognized amongst your peers.