After a stressful and hustleful day,and a visit to my people who has made and still making life beautiful,it was time to go home,haven been oiled with 40k specifically mentioned to be used for transport and other mini things,first I heard a voice from my left ear saying”this woman dey joke,40k for just transport back home,”for journey of 100naira only ,which on a cool weatherable day,I can playfully and stylishly trek it out with just grandmum sachet water) and from my right ear came a sweet voice “oboy with this 4Ok the textbooks don settle” the right ear came with a clause “but armed robbers full dis road be careful”..I didn’t pay much attention to the warning because I know that the road leading to the house is the safest road in the Garden city and besides its day time,that can’t happen..with all voices heard,its was time to enter road,with the believe that I must get home within a micro seconds.. And the shortest journey began! I step it with a big smile ,that type of smile that will always tell that something good has happen,in other to be faster,I boarded clean Keke(newly bought),the man ignited and move,3mins into the journey(on the road) something happened,,I looked through the glass (wheel screen) and saw that the road was get longer and expanding to the junction where i will alight and either take another keke or walk down to the house.first I pretended to be patient,all this while I was placing my hands on my lap where the stressless 40k was.after about 5mins I looked again and noticed that the road was even getting more and more longer,it was like one step forward .four steps backward I shouted to the keke guy “”oboy where u dey take me go na,Na T junction I dey go o!” he replied “” ah! ah! oga see T junction for front na,abi u get cancer of the eye? ” In my mind I said “cancer of the eye?? I never hear am before,maybe na true)” before I finish talking in my mind,the driver said ” oga we don reach, come down” I obeyed and came down,looked at the junction,looked at the back where I was coming ,I can see clearly where I boarded the keke and looked at this boy,he shouted “oga give me my money na”..I brought out 50naira from my back pocket which I have separated before it will mix with the 40k. Before giving him I was just thinking in my mind”watin I go dis boy now?,na to fight? But if I fight d 40k fit pour for ground” I said no way) I finally gave him the 50naira,he grabbed it and increased the volume on his radio in his keke,the song that was playing was “”when money no dey” by Timaya ft.flavour,the keke guy turn and looked at me and started laughing and zoom off…and I said ” Ur fada”……I stood there for like 3mins asking myself,how come the journey of about 5mins will take 20mins? What happened to me? I touch my pocket to confirm if the 40k is still there, confirmed its still there breathing.I said thank God. And I recalled what my right ear said that armed robbers are on the road! But no one touch me na..I concluded the self imposed questions by saying..” This must be a Time rubbery but I must get to the house with this 40k.. From where I was standing I can see the street that leads to my house its just a matter of either I trek or I waste another 50naira to enter another keke,and since it was getting dark and I was already late I decided to enter another keke with the believe that I will not encounter the first experience of wasting time on the road for reasons I can’t explain,I entered another keke,the one that will take me to my house,in that keke I saw one man,he was not smiling at all,his face was nothing to look at,maybe his wife has refused him food.I thought..with this kind of face by my side in the same keke,am already suspecting him and myself,I begged the driver to please go because I was already uncomfortable with what I was seeing on the man’s face. within 2mins into the journey,the road became longer again,the traffic on the road vanished,suddenly there was stop and search on all the keke on the road by heavily armed police men .after the third stop and search,t here came another one,this one with no uniform .ruggedly dressed, in my mind I said “”taaar! Oboy dis one no b police ,na niggas,na senior citizens be dis,e don be,where I won hide dis money now,I no fit lost dis kind money for this Buhari Government were people dey still pot of soup because of hunger and everywhere dey red” and other useless questions I can’t explan .finally they stopped us,come down(with big voice) they said,I said in my mind”chai so na so dis money won take waka” i was already sweating on my head,armpits,my neck,leg shaking ,I want to urinate,all at the saame time ,they searched the driver and collected all his money,on getting to the frowning man,I know I will be the last,I quickly told them I want to urinate,they said ok go(my plan was to go hide the money and come back for my imminent search and taking.I went to do it,as I got to the backyard I root out the money to hide,and as I turn to look if some is seeing me ,I saw them peeping at me,I said i must drop this money after all,”all die na die”,I dropped it,fastened my already loosed belt,as I was coming towards them I was one small boy,like 2years on the road I started talking to the boy like “how are you,what’s your name,let’s play ball you hear” at that point I wanted to run,but I noticed that the boy was holding my hand,no way to take off,I tried no way..I open my eyes and saw my best play mate,my paddy boy,my righthand man,my two years old small cousin lying/sleeping on my hand on the bed,after our sweet play which sleep didn’t allow us to finish.I stood up,swift on the light and saw in his small hand 10:10 naira into four, totaling 40naira..this was the same money I gave to him during the day..I started laughing at that point In the midnight, and asked myself “so now who robbed me? .what a dream!…………………………………………………………………
written by Hamilton Pepple inked.

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