NEW Smart English Primary 5 Teacher’s Guide

English is the official national language and medium of instruction in Nigeria. It is a compulsory subject offered at both the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE). It is therefore an extremely important subject, not only in the school context, but in the wider context of communicating effectively in Nigeria. This Smart English Primary 1 course has been carefully developed by international and Nigerian educational experts and offers the following components:
• A Pupil’s Book written in accessible language to enable understanding and learning. The Pupil’s Book is also available in digital format.
• A Teacher’s Guide providing answers for the activities in the Pupil’s Book, and checklists and rubrics that can be used for evaluation. The Teacher’s Guide is only available in digital format.
• A Workbook with activities to consolidate important skills learnt in the Pupil’s Book.
• A Reader with age-appropriate texts and illustrations to develop sound reading skills.

The Purpose of the English Studies Curriculum
The main objectives of the English Studies Curriculum are to enable pupils to:
• Develop the basic language skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading, Comprehension, Writing and Grammar Structure
• Enjoy a wide range of local and international texts written in English, including Fiction, Non-fiction and Poetry
• Engage with their other school subjects more meaningfully
• Communicate with people effectively in everyday life
• Understand important national and international issues
• Feel proud to be a citizen of Nigeria.


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