Temmy’s Words

I’m speechless,
Words can’t even frame this,
He was the best dad, who sent a lot of goodies
He made her days count
He placed unforgettable memories,
He’s legacy still continues through his beloved daughter,
He wanted the best for his children but he went too soon
He didn’t leave his children to suffer; yes he gave mom a new groom
I know he’s resting and smiling at job well done
Relentlessly his children learned positively from him and also had fun
It’s been 6years, but it looks like 6 days,
But I feel your presence even if they say the dead never stays,
I know you’re resting now, lay well on your bed,
I’ll see you when it’s dawn.
Before I go, I wanted to let you know that your twelve year old daughter
Just got older.
And I want you to remember that I LAY MY LOVE ON YOU

Written by VECHI ALLEN
In tribute to Itz Temidayo ‘s DAD

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