The Lion With The Heart Of Gold

In a land of savannahs and rolling hills, there lived a lion named Leo. Leo was the leader of his pride, respected and admired by all who knew him.

But despite his strength and power, Leo had a heart of gold. He was kind and generous, always looking out for the well-being of his pride and the other animals in the savannah.

One day, while out on a hunt, Leo came upon a small and timid gazelle, lost and alone. The gazelle was starving and dehydrated, and it was clear that it wouldn’t survive much longer on its own.

Without hesitation, Leo took the gazelle under his protection, bringing it back to the pride and nursing it back to health. And as the gazelle grew stronger, it became a beloved member of the pride, always at Leo’s side.

The other animals in the savannah were amazed by Leo’s kindness, and they began to see him in a new light. They knew that he was not just a powerful and fierce leader, but a kind and compassionate one as well.

And from that day on, Leo was known as the lion with a heart of gold, a leader who truly cared for the well-being of all those around him.

Kids Activity 1:

Discuss The Moral Lessons From This Story With Your Friends And Family

The moral lesson of the story is that kindness and compassion can have a powerful impact on those around us, regardless of our position or status. Leo, a fierce and powerful lion, showed that his strength and power were not his only defining qualities. By caring for the lost and vulnerable gazelle, he demonstrated that he also had a heart of gold, full of kindness and empathy.

Leo’s act of kindness inspired the other animals in the savannah to work together and care for one another, creating a more harmonious and peaceful community. This shows that even small acts of kindness can have far-reaching effects, and that we all have the ability to make a positive impact on those around us.

The story also highlights the importance of leadership, and how true leaders lead by example. Leo’s actions showed that a leader can be both strong and compassionate, and that these qualities are not mutually exclusive. The other animals in the savannah looked up to Leo and followed his example, showing that a good leader can inspire others to be their best selves.

Kids Activity 2:

Use The Words & Expressions From This Story In Your Everyday Expression


A savannah is a type of environment or habitat where certain animals live. It’s a flat or rolling landscape covered in grasses, with a few scattered trees or bushes. It’s usually very hot and dry, and there’s not a lot of rain.

In a savannah, you might see animals like lions, zebras, giraffes, and gazelles. They all have to be really good at finding food and water, because they’re not always easy to find in a savannah.

The grasses in a savannah can grow really tall, and they provide food for many of the animals that live there. Some animals, like giraffes, have long necks so they can reach the leaves of the trees. Other animals, like lions, are predators and hunt other animals for food.

So, a savannah is a place where animals live that has lots of grass and few trees, and it’s usually hot and dry. It’s a tough place to live, but the animals that live there are well-adapted to the environment!


Being dehydrated means that your body doesn’t have enough water in it. This can happen when you don’t drink enough water or when you lose too much water by sweating, going to the bathroom, or even breathing.

In the story the gazelle was dehydrated. This means that the gazelle felt very thirsty and its mouth might felt dry. It can happen to you too. When you are dehydrated you might feel tired or dizzy, and your skin might feel dry or itchy. It’s really important to drink water when you’re feeling dehydrated so that your body can get the water it needs.

Just like how we need to eat healthy food to keep our bodies strong, we also need to drink enough water to keep our bodies healthy and hydrated. So always remember to drink plenty of water, especially when it’s hot or you’ve been playing and sweating a lot!


A gazelle is a type of animal that lives in the savannah, which is a big grassy area in Africa. They are very fast and can run really quickly to escape from other animals that might try to eat them, like lions or cheetahs.

Gazelles are small and have slender bodies with long legs. They usually have brown or tan fur that helps them blend in with the grasses in the savannah. They eat mostly grass, but sometimes they also eat leaves from trees and bushes.

Gazelles are herbivores, which means they only eat plants, and they are a very important part of the ecosystem in the savannah. They help keep the grasses trimmed down, which makes it easier for other animals to move around. They also provide food for predators like lions, who need to hunt and eat other animals to survive.


The words hesitation and compassionate have been explained in previous Stories for kids

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