The Lost Bird In The Woods

The Lost Bird In The Woods

There was once a small, brightly-colored bird named tweetie who lived in the heart of the forest. Tweetie was a happy and curious bird, always singing and exploring her surroundings.

But one day, while out on a walk, tweetie got a little too curious and flew a little too far. Before she knew it, she was lost in a dense and unfamiliar part of the woods.

Panicked and alone, tweetie flew and flew, trying to find her way back home. But the more she flew, the more lost she became.

As the sun began to set and the shadows grew longer, tweetie knew she had to find shelter for the night. She flew until she saw a warm and cozy looking nest in the branches of a tall tree.

Exhausted and hungry, tweetie curled up in the nest and fell fast asleep. When she woke up the next morning, she was greeted by a friendly face.

It was a wise old owl named Hootie, who had been watching over tweetie all night. Hootie could see that tweetie was lost and offered to help her find her way back home.

And so, with Hootie’s guidance, tweetie flew and flew, following the signs and clues that Hootie provided. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, tweetie saw the familiar sights of her home in the distance.

Overjoyed, tweetie flew as fast as she could, finally landing in the safety of her own cozy nest. And from that day on, she knew to be more careful when exploring, and to always listen to the wise guidance of her friends.

Kids Activity 1:

Discuss The Moral Lessons From This Story With Your Friends And Family

What a beautiful story about friendship, guidance, and the importance of being careful when exploring. It’s always good to have friends to rely on when we’re lost or in trouble. And sometimes, it’s okay to ask for help when we need it.

Tweetie’s experience also teaches us the value of being curious but being mindful of our surroundings and taking calculated risks. It’s essential to have a balance between exploration and safety.

Kids Activity 2:

Use The Words & Expressions From This Story In Your Everyday Expression


Panicked” is a word we use to describe a feeling of intense fear or anxiety. It’s a very strong feeling that can happen when we’re in a scary or dangerous situation, like when we get lost or separated from our loved ones.

When someone is “panicked,” it means they are feeling really scared and might not be thinking clearly. It’s important to try to stay calm when we feel panicked and to find someone we trust to help us.

In the story, when Tweetie became “panicked,” it means she felt very scared and anxious because she was lost in an unfamiliar part of the woods.

If you ever feel panicked, it’s okay to tell an adult or someone you trust, like a teacher, parent, or friend, and ask for help. They can help you feel safe and figure out a solution to the problem together.


The words Curious, Dense, Cozy, Eternity, and Exploring have been explained in other Stories For Kids.

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