What Teachers Must Know About Montessori Education Program

The Montessori Education Program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. In the Montessori classroom, children make creative choices in their learning, while the classroom and the teacher offer age-appropriate activities to guide their progress. Children work individually or in small groups to discover and explore key learning areas, develop their intelligence, and achieve their full potential. Each Montessori program builds on the one before it, providing challenges that are both appropriate to age and skill level. In this way, the infant, toddler and preschool program aim to prepare children, not just for school, but for life.

Infant Montessori Program For Ages 0 – 2 Years

Doctor Maria Montessori stated that education should begin at birth. Montessori Academy’s Infant Program is designed to nurture the quickly developing Infant as they take their first steps towards independence. The focus of the Infant Education Program is to assist children in reaching their key development milestones by helping them to develop their psychomotor, fine motor, social and language skills. Our trained Montessori teachers aim to create family partnerships to nurture and support each child’s unique learning opportunities as they form their intelligence and personality. Materials used in the Infant Program have been carefully selected to fulfill the needs of the quickly changing infant.

Infant Program Goals

  • Provide a safe, engaging, and nurturing learning environment that promotes curiosity and discovery
  • Foster the development of language and social skills through language enrichment activities
  • Offer opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks
  • Provide opportunities for practical life activities and exercises in grace and courtesy
  • Introduce Montessori infant materials
  • Foster confidence in their emerging abilities
  • Develop hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination, fine and gross motor skills
  • Offer art and craft activities to encourage the development of creativity

Toddler Montessori Program For Ages 2-3 Years

Montessori Academy’s Toddler Program is specifically designed to cater to the needs of young children by establishing a home like environment that encourages sensory based learning. The focus on the Toddler Education Program is to cultivate this age groups growing need for independence, order, sensory exploration, movement and language. Our program covers the five curriculum areas, with a strong focus on physical education, art, culture and community partnerships. As with any Montessori environment, the children’s activities are set out to entice the child to discover and explore. Toddlers work independently, or in small groups, and are introduced to each material at the appropriate time for their individual development.

Toddler Program Goals

  • Provide a safe, engaging, and nurturing learning environment that promotes curiosity and discovery
  • Foster the growth of functional independence and autonomy
  • Introduce Montessori toddler materials
  • Develop children’s sense of confidence, self-identity, belonging and community
  • Promote respect for diversity and care for their environment
  • Refine gross motor coordination and fine motor skills
  • Encourage children to develop skills and processes such as critical thinking and experimentation
  • Foster the development of effective communication and social skills

Preschool Montessori Program For Ages 3-6 Years

Children aged three to six are sensorial explorers that are constantly building their knowledge of the world by absorbing every aspect of their environment, language, and culture. Our Preschool Education Program caters to the specific needs of this age group by fulfilling their innate desire to learn through direct sensory experiences with self-teaching materials. Our Preschool Program covers the five key curriculum areas, with science, music, art and physical education playing an important part in daily activities. In this age group, children choose their own tasks and work independently at their own pace, under the gentle guidance of a trained teacher. The focus of the Preschool Program is to prepare children for school and help them to develop independence, a strong send of self, self-motivation, and a love of learning.

Preschool Program Goals

  • Provide a safe, engaging and nurturing learning environment for preschoolers
  • Introduce Montessori preschool materials
  • Foster the growth of functional independence, concentration, and self-correction
  • Promote social development through respectful and clear communication
  • Refine sensory perception and the development of literacy and mathematical understanding
  • Foster the development of communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills
  • Deliver specialised Montessori Preparation for School Program
  • Offer opportunities for imaginative exploration, leading to confident, creative self-expression
  • Prepare children with the skills and experience they need to succeed at school and beyond

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